Animals vs Humans, Dental Care

The good health and growth of both humans and animals is dependent on proper digestion and absorption of nutrients.This calls for an efficient dental care system. This to enable the food to be mechanically broken down so as to begin the process of digestion in the mouth.The dynamic medical field has led to the training of dentists with a specialty in veterinary dentistry. I wanted to speak a little bit today about the differences and similarities of animals and humans dental care.

Similarities between human vs animal dentist practices

In order for one to qualify and work either as a human dentist or veterinary dentist, a post high school diploma is a must. In certain situations, Diploma holders in dental technology can work but under the guidance of a dental surgeon.

When it comes to scheduling, in both cases, prior to carrying a dental surgery, an advanced booking needs to be made.This enables the medical personnel to plan adequately as their diary could be full with pending cases.

The use of anesthesia to mitigate pain is used in both cases. The procedure is carried out in the safe, friendly and holistic environment of a dentists office.

Special surgical tools that are sterilized are used. In some cases, there is the use of 3D technology to aid in the surgical procedure.

Worn out or broken teeth can be replaced with artificial porcelain in both animals and humans. This helps in maintaining a strong bite in addition to enhancing facial looks.

Animals and humans both require regular dental care and if this care is not being maintained by the animal owner, sooner or later its going to require a trip to the dentist for the pet.

Care for human teeth gives you the option of regular brushing using a toothpaste made from chloride and fluoride.This prevents tooth decay and browning.
The animals can have their teeth brushed regularly to remove any obstacle that could be stuck in between the teeth.

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Care for your pets teeth as you would your own!

It is fair to say that the appreciation of the family pet has grown tremendously over the years, and it is also fair to say that most people consider their pets to be a part of the family. With all of the extras little things that people do for their pets on a daily basis, there is one thing that a lot of pet owners tend to overlook, and that is the dental needs of their four legged companion. Oral care is just as important during the lifespan of pets as it is in humans, and veterinary dentistry plays a key role in ensuring the health and well being of your pet.

More About Veterinary Dentistry

For the most part it is safe to say that all veterinarians care for the teeth of the animals that they treat, however veterinary dentistry is a specialized form of veterinary medicine that is dedicated solely to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disorders, conditions, and treatment of the oral health of animals. This particular field of veterinary medicine is recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association, and veterinary dentists specialize in the areas of oral and maxillofacial surgery, endodontics, oral medicine, orthodontics, prosthodontics, and periodontics just to name a few.

Just Like You

There are a number of similarities between pets and their owners, and just as it is the case with human beings, it is extremely important that optimal dental health is maintained to ensure a long healthy life for a pet. Pets can suffer from conditions like Gingivitis, Periodontal disease, cavities, and oral masses just like human beings, and just as in the case of human beings, when there are oral health issues in play, and they are not attended to and treated, there can be serious consequences as far as the over all health of the pet, these animals teeth should be treated by a dentist or if the situation warrants it, an emergency dentist. Poor oral health can lead to disturbances in other systems of the body, and can cause disorders like heart disease and diabetes.

Accidents Do Happen

Veterinary Dentists also provide emergency oral services to pets, who have had an accident that has caused some sort of injury to their teeth. Fractured teeth in pets can lead the pulp exposed in a pet’s tooth, and that could lead to bacterial growth, an infection, and a whole lot of pain. A veterinary dentist would treat a pet by either extracting the tooth, or performing root canal therapy. The pet could also be fitted for a crown to secure and protect the work.

Pets do not have the ability to be able to tell their owners when something is wrong, so pet owners have to be vigilant about brushing their pets teeth, and looking for signs that their pet needs to see the veterinarian for a dental check up. Pet owners should be on the look out for the following swollen gums, gums that grow over the teeth, lumps in the gums, blister like growths under the tongue, and tooth erosion.

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Hello folks.


I want to take a minute to welcome you to my new veterinary dentistry blog. I’m taking the time to create this because there are too many people out there who neglect the dental care of their pets. This is a very important topic and we’re going to show you why. Hopefully this will help save the teeth of a few cats and dogs out there.

For those of you who are interested, I’m a Veterinarian, and I specialize in the dental health of my animals, I’ve made it one of my career goals to improve knowledge about the dental health of peoples pets.

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